Moscow representative

In February 2019 Silvirom OÜ signed Agency Agreement with InterRail Service LLC and repressent this company as multimodal agent in Estonia and Latvia. (pre-carriage, on-carriage, sea freight, warehousing, equipment supply in Baltic states, Benelux, Europe mainland, UK and other areas).

InterRail Service LLC is a Swiss based rail-focused freight forwarder, an owner of rolling stock and containers. It is an international operator of block trains active on the Eurasian continent with particular expertise moving conventional and containerised cargo into, out of and across the countries of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

InterRail Service LLC has direct contracts with all national railways of the CIS countries.

InterRail Service LLC operates several block-trains directed from Europe to Russia, CIS countries and China:

•Italy – Moscow
•Spain – Moscow
•Germany – Moscow
•Rotterdam – Moscow
•China – Europe ( Eastbound / Westbound )

InterRailService LLC products: 

• Tarifzahlung (Russland und CIS-Gebiet)

• Wagenlieferung

• Eisenbahnfähre

• Gefährlich und außer Gefecht

• Behälterversorgung

• Multimodal

• Port-Weiterleitung

• Terminalhandling

Miete von Ausrüstung und Eisenbahnflotte:

• Container (20 ’\ 40’)

• Gedeckte Wagen (120 m, 138 m, 158 m)

• Offene Wagen

• Plattformen (universell, passend)

• Kesselwagen

• Spezialfahrzeuge (Transporter, Trichter, Minenwagen usw.)