Transportations by rail

Transportations by rail are a traditional, and sometimes, an optimal way of delivery of cargo.

Silvirom OÜ carries out the acceptance of your cargo, executes all required operations, if necessary, and ships it to the point of destination.

The transportation of cargo by rail is considered one of the cheapest types of shipment. We have an established export-import line of transportation of containers and bulk cargoes by rail. A team of professionals united within our company clearly understands the client’s needs, and ensures the quality of transportations by rail

to its customers.

The company provides its clients with all necessary railway vehicles, and implements all schemes of transportations by rail:

  • container transportations (, 20 ft., 40 ft., high cube,open top,45 ft.) on the rolling stock of the Ministry of Railways, on our own platforms or in high-sided open wagons.
  • shipments in covered wagons
  • transport of bulky cargo (on flat wagons / fitting platforms, in semi wagons,on heavy load freight wagons)