The company Silvirom OÜ offers transportation of liquid cargo in its own standard sea containers with flexi-tanks pre-installed inside.

Flexitank is a multilayer, sealed and elastic container for the transportation of liquid cargo. The container volume is 10-24 thousand liters. Its technical characteristics allow transporting a wide range of non-hazardous liquid cargoes, both food and some chemical.

The tank is loaded with an electric pump. The loading speed depends on the viscosity of the liquid and the power of the unit, on average it takes from 20 to 40 minutes.


The main advantages of transportation by flexitanks:

The flexible and sealed container liner is gradually replacing traditional barrels, cisterns and tank containers. The reasons for its popularity are affordable cost and reduced labor costs for cargo delivery. Flexitank is much more economical and easier to use

in comparison with tanks, barrels and other types of containers Transportation of oil in flexitanks has several advantages:

1. The disposable liner eliminates the costs of cleaning and returning containers that cannot be avoided when using a tanker or tank container. The polymer product is sent for disposal and recycling.

2. The inert material of the casing does not interact with the contents during long-term transportation or temperature rise. The products do not lose quality.

3. The use of spare capacity for multimodal container transportation increases the safety of the cargo and reduces delivery costs.

4. Sealed construction protects liquids from contamination.

5. Flexitank with a capacity of 22 tons is optimal for the dimensions of a dry 20-foot container. The usable area is used at maximum load.

6. Maintenance of the flexible container does not require any special qualifications.